Do you design the jewelry?

We work with manufacturers from all over the world. Most of them employ New York based design teams. We constantly share Mimmic’s ideas with them and can spot the latest jewelry trends from the best dressed stars on the red carpet, to what's chic on the streets. ​


Where is it made?

Some of our products are made in the United States of America, but the majority is manufactured in the Far East.


Do you make custom orders?

No, we are not able to make custom orders.


What are CZ stones?

Cubic Zirconium or Cubic Zirconia, is a mineral that is often used in place of real diamonds. It is made to look and feel like the real thing, is significantly cheaper, and can be molded into the famous diamond shapes such as emerald cut, princess cut, and archer cut. One of the best advantages of having a CZ stone is that cubic zirconium can be made into any color, unlike diamonds. Another great advantage is that cubic zirconium stones truly do look like the real thing. Even the wealthiest people wear cubic zirconium stones because it is a great way to keep up with the trends.


Does your jewelry make my skin turn green?

This question normally indicates that you have developed a nickel allergy. Roughly 6-12% of the population is allergic to nickel. This metal is popular among lower-priced jewelry because it's durable, and has a high polish. It accounts for most metal allergies. When nickel dissolves in water it creates salt, a sign that the metal is eroding (oxidizing). In areas that collect a lot of sweat and moisture, this eroding process spreads the metal out, rubbing and irritating the concentrated area. So it is the oxidation process of these metals, in which exposure to oxygen forms particles that surface, what turns the skin green. The oxidation process of these metals, in which exposure to oxygen forms particles that surface, is what turns the skin green.


Do you offer nickel-free jewelry?

We get our jewelry from suppliers all over the world. Most of our jewelry is nickel free.

It is common for alloys, metals which contain a mix of two or more metallic elements, to contain nickel or lead.  The only truly nickel-free jewelry is made with 100 percent pure metals, like stainless steel, platinum, or gold.  We are adding in more and more nickel-free jewelry options every week, for people who cannot wear jewelry containing nickel.


I want to keep my jewelry in the best shape possible, any advice?

How long your fashion jewelry stays nice mainly depends on you! Moist is its biggest enemy. So it’s best to take it off when washing your hands, taking a shower or diving into the pool.

To clean your fashion jewelry use water and a soft toothbrush or polish them with a soft polishing cloth. This won't remove scratches, but it will remove everyday dirt. Do not use chemicals, unless you are cleaning silver or gold! Do not use stainless steel cleansers on gold plated or gold tone jewelry, it will dissolve the coating. Keeping your jewelry can best be done in a zip-lock bag. This keeps oxygen and moisture out and prevents discoloring.


Why should I provide my real e-mail and phone number when I order? I don’t want spam.

We guarantee all the information you provide us with is kept private. We often get customers who give us false phone numbers or false e-mail addresses and customer service is put in a difficult situation if we need to contact you regarding your order. If you don’t provide the correct e-mail or phone number, we’ll have no way of contacting you if your credit card information was inaccurate or if an item you ordered is on backorder. You’ll also never receive your automatic e-mail confirmation, which means you’ll have no record of your order. Please, make it easier for all of us, and provide us with your accurate information, and don’t worry about spam!


Why didn’t I receive an e-mail confirmation when I made my order?

If you did not receive an e-mail once your order was completed, check your spam folder. It is possible your spam settings are too strict for the automatic e-mail response. If the e-mail isn’t in your spam folder please send us an e-mail ASAP at weborder@mimmic.com


How will I know if my order has been shipped?

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse you will receive an automated shipping confirmation e-mail with your USPS tracking number. Click on the tracking number and it will give you up to the minute information as to where your order is located.


I put the wrong shipping address, or made a mistake on my order, can you change it?

After you received your order confirmation e-mail and you noticed you have made a mistake with your order, please email us as soon as possible.


Can I return or exchange final sale merchandise?

Final sale merchandise is ineligible for returns and exchanges. Once purchased, it cannot be returned or exchanged.  Please see Returns & Exchanges for more information.


Do you have an actual store I can come visit?

Absolutely! We have several stores Florida. Please click on the Store Locations tab to find the store closest to you! Jewelry bought online cannot be exchanged in the store. If you would like to return or exchange an item, you MUST send it back in the mail.


Do you offer wholesale?

We apologize, due to our already low prices we do not offer wholesale at this time.


Do you have a catalog?

Unfortunately, no. We get jewelry from all over the world every week. The best way to keep up to date on the newest items is check out our website


Do you offer a gift certificate?

No, unfortunately we don't offer gift certificates at this time, but you can create a wish list online and email it to friends and family when they need a little help picking out a gift for you.


When will my backorder item get shipped?

As soon as we get the item back in our warehouse you will receive an e-mail stating your item was shipped.



What Are The Benefits Of The Madness Program?

You can earn Gem Points to redeem on future orders, just by purchasing your favorite items!

How Do I Earn Gem Points?

You can earn Gem Points in 4 ways:

  • Signing up will earn you 50 points!
  • Purchasing products will earn you 1 Gem Point for every dollar spent.
  • Following Mimmic on Instagram will earn you 20 points
  • Liking Mimmic on Facebook will earn you 20 points.

Are There Any Restrictions When Redeeming My Gem Points?

You can use your Gem Points on any of your purchases, no minimum purchase is required.  The only restriction we have is that you can only use one coupon code per transaction.

Where Can I Redeem The Points That I Earn?

You can redeem your Gem Points on future purchases at Mimmic.com.  Points are unavailable for redemption in stores.

How Do I Redeem My Gem Points?

Before you start shopping, be sure to Sign up/Log In to your Mimmic account.  Next, click on the “Mimmic Madness Program” widget, and it will pop up with your account information.  If you have enough points to redeem a coupon, then you will click on the “Spend Gem Points” button located at the bottom of the pop up.  Finally, choose the reward you are eligible for, copy the coupon code, and paste in the appropriate field during the checkout process.  Please Be Sure to copy this coupon code only when you are ready to redeem the coupon, otherwise the coupon becomes void and you will be unable to access the code again.

What If I Forget To Sign Into My Account?

Please be sure to Sign up/Log in to your Mimmic account before you start shopping.  However, you can reach out to weborder@mimmic.com with “Gem Point Adjustment” in the subject field, your contact information, and a brief description of the situation, and we will see what we can do to help.

How Quickly Can I Redeem My Gem Points After Earning Them?

Your Gem Points will be awarded to you once your order has been shipped, after that, your points are available to use whenever you’d like!

Who Can Participate?

Everyone over the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the Mimmic Madness Program.

Is There A Limit To The Rewards I Can Earn?

There is no limit!  So go earn, earn, earn, and earn free jewelry!

Will My Gem Points Ever Expire?

Your Gem Points will not expire.

What Happens To My Gem Points When I Make A Return?

While we certainly hope that you’re always 100% happy with the products, in the unfortunate event that a return is made, we will have to deduct the points from your account.  If you are making an exchange, your points will not be affected.

What Are The Terms And Conditions Of The Program?

The Terms and Conditions of the Mimmic Madness Program can be found here.

What If I Have More Questions?

You’re more than welcome to send us an e-mail at weborder@mimmic.com and we will respond as soon as possible!  You’re also welcome to use the chat feature available on our website and send us your question that way.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply go to either the Account Page, or the Reward Detail Page, enter your information, and we’ll get you started with 50 free points!  The only information we ask for is your first and last name, email address, and a password.


Ring Size

How to Find Your Ring Size:

Ring Size Ring Diameter in MM Ring Circumference in MM
5 15.7 49.3
6 16.51 51.9
7 17.32 54.4
8 18.14 57
9 18.95 59.5
10 19.76 62.1
11 20.57 64.6
12 21.39 67.2
13 22.2 69.7
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